A clustering from the Month of Love

The month of February has flown by. One single post won't even cover half of what I have been up to this month. Hopefully next month I will be better about updating more often. Cluster o' items...

I love cameras. I've been giving my digital Rebel some attention this month. I'm sorry to say that in the past 6 months it has taken the backseat. I kinda forgot about it and have been distracted with a convenient digital point & shoot that can be easily slipped into my pocket. I started missing the quality of Sir Rebel, so this month I made it a priority to snap photos left and right with it. Actually all the photos posted on this entry are taken with it. I've been thinking about getting back into photography. I've had my eyes on another camera too... ever since I saw Zooey with her jogging camera club crew in Griffith Park in the flick, Yes Man. I did some research earlier this month and discovered that they use a Fujifilm Instax mini7. I can't wait to get my lil' hands on one of these some day.

I love Thursdays. In fact every Thursday morning of this month I've had coffee+drawing club with some lovely friends. To be exact, I have drawn 7 herbs in my sketchbook to be included in my Herb Series. Most of which haven't made it yet from the sketchbook... to the scanner... to the Illustrator. Thus far, rosemary is the only one that has gone through the steps.

Rosemary print :: 8" x 10" :: View in Etsy Shop

"Primarily a meat herb, as used on the roast of beef, rosemary is the leaf of an evergreen shrub and shaped like a curved pine needle. It has a fresh, sweet flavor, is better fresh from the garden than when dried. It is excellent with lamb, fish, and poultry."

I love Spark Cards. I'm thrilled to announce that my greeting cards are on their sleek shelves, ready to be snagged by the nearest set of hands. Spark Cards features greeting cards created by local artists. Many are printed using artisanal methods — letterpress, screenprint, lino block, and hand assembled one-of-a-kind collage.

Spark Cards :: 4430 SE Hawthorne Blvd :: Portland, Oregon

Herb Series & Standard Movement Series greeting cards

I love earrings. I handmade a bunch of new earrings over the month. They will appear in some upcoming craft shows this spring in the Stumptown area. Some will gradually be listed into the Etsy shop.

Little Beavers, Little Tree Stumps vs.2 earrings Little Beavers, Little Tree Stumps v. 2 :: earrings :: View in Etsy Shop

I thought I'd end with some bulleted miscellaneous items that I have discovered & hearted over the month.

• Calimyrna Figs from Trader Joe's • Design Milk article on Wayne Coyne's (of The Flaming Lips) bathroom (more info...)Happy Sparrow on Belmont • Community meeting about Last Thursday on Alberta (more info...) Snapple Green Tea Mango • WEST exhibit at Land Gallery on Mississippi (more info...)