The simple things

This weekend I took it pretty easy and got some much needed me-time. I've had a pretty full plate on my hands. So I indulged in some simple pleasures.

Took a drive out to Suburbia to visit my favorite beauty store to browse nail polish, Ulta. I picked out this charming color called Turquoise & Caicos made by Essie. I love any good shade of seafoam green. I don't know if you have ever noticed. Ha!

Kicked back for hours on end reading All About Lulu, a novel by Jonathan Evison. Bought this book over a year ago on a whim at Powell's, read a third way through. I decided to pick it up again. And I'm glad I did!

Took a stroll to a cute local pet shop, Furever Pets. I couldn't of come home empty handed! I surprised Yoshimi with a new mylar ball, her favorite toy of all time. They seem to disappear in this household.

Over & Into the City Forest

Over the warm weekend my husband & I retreated to the majestic Laurelhurst Park. Sometimes I forget how close it really is. With our flip flops on, we trudged out to the perfect partial sun spot.

Metallic Champagne flip flops & Matte Merlot Nail polish: Gap

We brought our favorite picnic blanket and pillows, packed club sandwiches, and sweet sugary beverages.

Leaf picnic blanket, pillows: Target. Black bear canvas tote bag: Crafty Wonderland Shop

It was so nice to just kick back, hear the birds a chirpin' and get lost in our thoughts. Above our heads... leaves were getting along swimmingly with the bright blue skies and sunshine.

Red shades: Be*Mused BoutiquePDX Represent t-shirt: Tender Loving Empire

I'm currently reading Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen. It's a bit overwhelming just looking at it's thickness! I found out about the book on the Daily Show with John Stewart. I normally read fiction but hearing about it really intrigued me. Hopefully I make it to the end. Only 2 hundy and some odd numbers to go. Eep.

Of course some drawin' in the Moleskine had to be had. I love the post lanterns that line the paths paved around the park. I don't know much about the history of Laurelhurst, but I bet there is some rich history among these grassy rolling hills... and all the homes that sit amidst.

Grass resin necklace : Fernworks / Faryn Davis

In the center of the park there is a pond. The blue green water is mesmerizing! I can picture little boats floating in the calm waters around the ducklings and bubbly springs.

It feels good to get back into writing. I know I've been a stranger for the past few months or so. My plate sure has been full this summer. And lengthy visit back to the Midwest was done.

It's a brand new week lovelies. I hope you have a good one.  xoxo, Alissa.

I cheese sandwich you

Nebraska June/July visit

I have so many things to share with you about my recent visit to my homestate, Nebraska. Being there for 2 weeks, I couldn't help taking lots of photography. I plan on dedicating a few future blog posts to the highlights. Above is a shot I snapped in rural eastern Nebraska. I do miss the drives; being out and about between Columbus, Lincoln, and Omaha. It was nice to be reacquainted with the rows and rows of corn stalks. One thing I didn't miss was the 90° - 100° humid mosquito infested summer weather.

Finished book, Moving on to next!

When I left Portland at the end of June I began reading my friend, Kim's novel suggestion... The Time Traveler's Wife. Wow, it was such a good read. It's confusing at first with all the time traveling dates. I don't think I have ever read a novel (that was not a mandatory high school or college requirement) so fast. Niffenegger's writing is to die for. I fell in love with her writing style. This is really her first book? I didn't notice. Very well done Niffenegger. Before I read this book I wasn't fond of the name Henry. Felt so old-fashioned. After reading this book, let's be honest, I have a new appreciation for it. I loved the dreamy character Henry. Who wouldn't. He's compassionate, dashing, and a time traveling adventurous stud. I don't normally read chick novels but this one went well under the radar for me. I give it 5 stars. I'm a little leary of watching the movie. It seems like when books are made into movies they are just not as good.

Love & Sex movie

Chick novels... chick flicks... I only like a handful of either of them. Maybe 3 or 4.  Love & Sex is an adorable and funny one. I watched this flick a couple times this week. One of my favorite quotes is when Adam says to Kate, "I cheese sandwich you." If you haven't watched it, the 2 were discussing, that after a while, saying "I love you" is like saying "cheese sandwich".  Saying "I love you" starts to lose it's meaning.

Handpicking La France Pears In Japan - earrings

This is off subject, but I'll give you a little heads up of what I have been crafting up these days. I crafted these... "Handpicking La France Pears In Japan" earrings. When the day comes that I get to visit Japan, I do hope to visit a pear orchard. I love how the La France Pear is uniquely spherical, like these lemon jade beads. I have listed a few pairs in the ol' Etsy shop. Click here to be directed to my shop.

Well I hope you lovelies have a great weekend. If you are in Portland... stay cool. It's going to be a warm one! It would be a good time to go to the coast.