The simple things

This weekend I took it pretty easy and got some much needed me-time. I've had a pretty full plate on my hands. So I indulged in some simple pleasures.

Took a drive out to Suburbia to visit my favorite beauty store to browse nail polish, Ulta. I picked out this charming color called Turquoise & Caicos made by Essie. I love any good shade of seafoam green. I don't know if you have ever noticed. Ha!

Kicked back for hours on end reading All About Lulu, a novel by Jonathan Evison. Bought this book over a year ago on a whim at Powell's, read a third way through. I decided to pick it up again. And I'm glad I did!

Took a stroll to a cute local pet shop, Furever Pets. I couldn't of come home empty handed! I surprised Yoshimi with a new mylar ball, her favorite toy of all time. They seem to disappear in this household.