New silly avatar for '10 & Tuesday's accomplishments

A week or two ago I was pondering the idea of creating a new avatar for my Flickr, Twitter, and every other social networking website that is linked to A Tea Leaf. I mean it's a new year, that should mean a new avatar, right? I'm a lil' sad to leave behind the "I Can Has Plum" pic; it sure was a silly one. This year's avatar includes a pretty sweet coffee mug that was just filled to the brim with Yerba Mate. I love this white glass mug, it's fantastic. It has a lot of sentimental value to me; it use to be my grandmother's. I remember when I was a wee one, watching her pour coffee into it and thinking to myself, 'why would anyone drink coffee', blergh. Obviously, in present time at the ripe ol' age of 27, my taste buds have changed. As many of you know, not only am I a bit obsessed with Hello Kitty and Norwich Terriers, but hot beverages as well. Mmm... Yerba Mate.

I've been hyped up this week. It sure has been a productive one. Sometimes I wish I had my own chopper on the roof, though, so I could get to point A to point B uber fast and be so much more productive.  I decided that I'd try something new in the sketchbook. Since I love documenting and all, I doodled Tuesday's accomplishments. I used one of my favorite mediums too... Gelly Roll Moonlight opaque pens. (Click on image to view larger.)

I had a ball drawing this. I'm definitely up for another one in the next month or two.