Valentine's Half-Off Sale

J is for Justin... my love. Happy Heart Day, folks. #xoxo Drawin' on the table top... Swingin' in my chair... 'Ello! I hope everyone had a wonderful heart day. Mine was pretty nice. I'm kinda of a romantic nerd for the holiday (and all the time). Last night entailed dinner with my husband at a nearby public house. After eating cheeseburgers & drinking lovely wheat-y beers, we did a hand-holding stroll around the neighborhood. We also did some some gift exchanging which included a record vinyl album & cute lil' designer collectible toys.

I Love Exploring Tidepools With You - art print Valentine Heart Garland

Guess what?! On the internets I'm offering a half-off discount on my handmade heart goodies. Click images above to view. It's this weekend only & limited quantity. So don't dilly-dally, if you have been all googly eyed over them. Sale end's Sunday night (2/17/13) at midnight.