A Birthday Blog Post to my Sister

24 years ago today, 1988, I was ecstatic that my very own sister was born. A little sister that would play with me all day long! Barbies! Legos! House! Here's a snap to show you how proud I was. Check out that bighearted smile.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be without my sister.

I wouldn't have a shoulder to cry on, I wouldn't have someone to listen to me, I wouldn't have someone to wipe my tears.


I wouldn't have to block my room's doorway with my Sesame Street footstool so she couldn't crawl in & mess with my stuffed animal set-up.

I wouldn't have someone that I could hook up to the sled & see how far our dog, Chelsea could transport... not realizing how dangerous 27th Street was.

Nor would there be someone I could play an April Fool's joke on by drawing huge spiders on paper & cutting them out & using clear tape to attach them to her bedroom ceiling in the corner.

I am thankful for having that younger shadow following me whenever I needed her. Best friends have changed with time. But my sister has been the best friend that has stayed my best friend forever.

I love you Sis. Wishing you a very sweet birthday!