"Roadtrip Abound" compass ring

I looove roadtrips. Don't you?

I love the excitement getting up in the morning, packing a lunch, camera, sketch book or possibly a novel to read when we hit our destination. Heading out the door, picking up some mouthwatering pastries & piping hot coffee, and then away we go! The anticipation of the sights we'll see!

Spontaneous road trips are the best. Which direction to go? Who knows what you'll run into.

My love & I have discovered some amazing places, especially being new to Oregon... Silver Falls, Pittock Mansion, Mount Angel...

There's a new comrade in my Etsy shop inspired by roadtrips!

Let me acquaint you with...

"Roadtrip Abound" compass ring

I was enamored when I came across some vintage miniature compasses. I got to thinking about those Cracker Jack prizes. As a child, digging my fingers into a Cracker Jack box and pulling out that delightful lil' prize. I wouldn't think twice about sacrificing my fingers to the stickiness. Wouldn't it be merry to transform these compasses into a wearable?

This vintage miniature compass (3/4" in diameter) actually works, but has had a change of career from function to fashion. Instead of getting you through the woods, this compass will lend your day a note of eclectic style. This piece is finished off with a strong, stainless-steel toned adjustable band.