Azure Ray at Mississippi Studios

Fair warning: I'm a huge music appreciator... listener... whatever. Well, with good music... that is. I may possibly be a music snob ;)

Azure Ray at Mississippi Studios

For the very first time I got to see Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink sing in unison right before me. It was the first time too that I got to experience Mississippi Studios' intiment setting. It was awesome and magical. I've been a fan of Azure Ray since that day I came across their album, Burn & Shiver at a local record store in Omaha, Nebraska. Since the band disbanded in 2004, I've seen Maria perform a few times around her solo albums. I've seen Orenda alongside Adrianne (from The Anniversary) performing as Art in Manila too.

Maria Taylor & Orenda Fink

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When I found out that Azure Ray was getting back together, I was a very happy girl. I think I even jumped up and down a couple times. Big dork present? Yes. When Drawing Down the Moon album become available on Saddle Creek's website, I purchased those mp3's immediately. I hope to own it on vinyl someday. Saddle Creek has a charming Drawing Down the Moon vinyl + t-shirt + flair package. Hint hint.

Tim Fite at Mississippi Studios

Along with A.R.'s performance that night... I also got to see Tim Fite. I had no clue who this guy was. I didn't bother to listen to his stuff before the show. And boy was I surprised after his first song. I was thinking, 'okay he's probably going to be some singer-songwriter artist, that would coincide with A.R.'s genre'. Nope. It's was like country, hip-hop, and alternative music mashed together. It threw me off at first. It was pretty fun music though. My friend and I giggled most of the time. I loved how his friend was on webcam singing along on the screen behind him.

He ended his performance with teaching us his "gang sign" which soon turned into hand/finger motions of Itsy Bitsy Spider. He told us we can join his gang even if we are in one already. Lol.

You can download his latest album for free on his website. To be honest I got pretty annoyed with every song after sampling 20 seconds of them. He has pretty repetitive lyrics... and a little too focused on the topic modern culture of consumerism and greed for my taste. So overall, I enjoyed his silliness live but probably won't jam out to his work in the future.

I'm leaving you with a snippet of Azure Ray playing their last song that night... one of my favorites, Rise. Even if Orenda didn't want to play the audience's request.