Bucket o' Doughnuts

My very sweet friend Elaine and I took a trip to Voodoo Doughnut Too the other day. I bought a bucket of doughnuts. Crazy huh? And no, I didn't eat all of them by myself. I like to share, I really do. I bought them with the intention of sharing them with my coworkers. At Voodoo they have a photobooth...

Photobooth at Voodoo Doughnut


Elaine makes wonderful and very intricate crocheted jewelry. If you are interested you can check out her Facebook Fan page here.

Monkey Flower drawing

Here's a quick drawing of Monkey Flower I did the other day at Drawing Club. I love Gelly Rolls' pen series called Moonlight. I really love that they are opaque, waterproof, and you can draw on vellum to. I only have a few pens of the series... blue, white, and turquoise. I saw on Amazon that there is a pack of 10 assorted colors. Weee! I'm adding these to my Art Wish List.


Earrings head off to New Jersey

Lastly, the earrings that I made titled, "That time my toes met the shoreline" are being mailed out to their new home all the way from the West Coast to the East Coast, New Jersey! Shortly after that order was made another order was placed. So exciting that these cute little earrings are selling like hot cakes today. I have a few more left. So if you've had your eyes on them, you may want to make the jump!