Sierra sings and plays guitar and flute. Bianca sings and does percussion.

"CocoRosie are two American-born sisters, Sierra and Bianca, who started making music together in Paris in 2003. Their first album, La Maison de Mon Rêve, was released in 2004 and their second album, Noah's Ark, followed in 2005. Their third and, to now, most recent album, The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn, came out in 2007. All three of these albums were released worldwide on Touch and Go Records and earned critical acclaim both overseas and at home. The nomadic duo (currently and temporarily residing in New Mexico) spent much of 2008 writing and recording in Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Berlin, New York, and Paris, finding amazing and diverse musicians to collaborate along the way. The result is their eleven song Sub Pop debut, Grey Oceans." -via CocoRosie's new LP album Grey Oceans!

Last week I discovered that one of my top 10 favorite bands, CocoRosie is releasing a new album this May! AND you can pre-order the LP from!  In college/dial-up days I used to regularly surf Insound, I feel a lil' nostalgic for the first days of exploring all the bands out there. Epitonic was another favorite site. Hmm... I wonder if they are still up and running. I'm really really really looking forward to putting some new vinyl on the turntable!

CocoRosie will be in Portland!

And then yesterday while flipping through the Portland Mercury a friend and I found out that CocoRosie is performing here in Portland on June 26th! I have never been to one of their shows. Their music is pretty wild... very unique. Their genre is kinda indie... folk... experimental... and a little bit electronic. In a few of their songs you can also hear children's toys playing in the background. I first heard their music back in Nebraska on UNL's radio station, KRNU.

A few interesting facts that I found out about CocoRosie...

• The name CocoRosie comes from their nicknames from their mother. "Rosie" is Sierra's and "Coco" is Bianca's. • Both of their parents have Native American ties which influences their music. • Sierra & Bianca lost contact for about 5 years. Sierra wanted to be an opera singer and moved to France to pursue her interest. Bianca had an interest in visual arts & writing. Off she went to New York. They reunited in 2003 to begin making music together.

Lastly, I leave you with some of my favorite tunes of theirs. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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