Today has been fun. I took a trip down to Jo-Ann's, stocked up in some crafty supplies. I'm getting ready for the humongous show coming up next weekend! I then hit up Best Baguette for lunch. Delicious! It's becoming one of my favorite lunch spots. It's like French and Asian food fused together. This time around I ordered the grilled chicken with Asian spices on a baguette. I couldn't resist ordering one of their Mango Boba teas as well.

Thrift store finds!

After lunch I made a visit to the Goodwill and found a vintage suitcase for only 7 bucks. What a steal! I also found a vintage travel Scrabble game. I plan on making some jewelry out of these mini letters. Since I brought them home, Yoshimi has been really into playing with the letters. I better be careful and keep them away from her. Otherwise they may be on the floor in every room very soon.

False Lily of the Valley print in frame

I'm really excited for next Saturday and Sunday! I've been counting down the days until Crafty Wonderland's Super Colossal Spring Show. Everyday I've been doing a little bit to prep for it. I have even made some new handmade goodies that haven't made their way into my Etsy shop. I found some great frames at Ikea the other day. At next weekend's show I decided that I will be selling some of my prints already in frames like above. I have even went in and signed the mattes.

I will be here!

Yesterday I found out where my booth will be next weekend! I posted it so you know where exactly where to find me and my handmade goods. I'm super stoked about my neighbors too... Soma Venus & Camp Smartypants. We are going to have so much fun.

Welp, need to get off the Mac. I have a date with crafting for the rest of the evening. Maybe Yoshimi will join in on the fun. Checking out the dvd collection... maybe watch some Veronica Mars (Yes, I'm a geek), Curb Your Enthusiasm, or Freaks and Geeks? Decisions decisions decisions.