Oregon State Fair

Over Labor Day weekend my hubby & I hit the open road. We decided to make our way down to Salem for some Oregon State Fair action. Those galoshes that I received for my birthday came in handy for sure, walking around those muddy fairgrounds. We both had cravings for some prime, deep-fried, fair food. We chowed down on corndogs and elephant ears. I took a lot of snaps of amusement rides and game booths for inspiration for a current project of mine. Maybe I'll share them at a later date with you. I feel like I'm about to bombard you with other snaps that I took. Subject... Oregon State Fair animal cuteness & silliness.

IMG_7485-430 There were so many bunnies, I wanted to take a nose-scrunchin' character home with me. This furball stuck out among them, he's a French Angora rabbit. It was as if my Ragdoll cat was transformed into a hare.

IMG_7550-430 What is there not to love about an Alpaca?! Look at those ears! I got some good footage of him munchin' for my September documentary video.

IMG_7531-430So I learned that this lil' guy is a Pygmy goat. He was under 2 feet tall! I've kept my distance away from goats, due to a past incident. A traumatic incident of a goat chasing & bucking me at camp when I was 8. We'll let this one fly under the radar.


This one I couldn't resist submitting it to Cute Overload. Check out that dopey lower lip!IMG_7522-430Okay, last one... I posted a short clip on Flickr. *Suspense*

Now I gotta do some "getting ready for this weekend's Crafty Wonderland" work this evening.