Saturday sunshine

A new pair of sunglasses & the sun

Every once in awhile, I love hitting the open road with some good tunes. Saturday was one of those days. With the sun gleaming down I headed out west with no planned destination. I picked up a new pair of the biggest sunglasses I could find at Target. I'm in love with the rims, they are a transparent golden yellow. My drive met Astoria and Seaside. It was my first visit to Astoria, second to Seaside. I was amazed and nervous at how long the Astoria-Megler bridge was. I'm not sure the exact length but I've heard it is the longest continuous truss bridge in North America. As I started driving up it, it felt as if I was trudging up a roller coaster. Wild. It was good to visit Seaside again. Half remains of Sand dollars were all over the shore. It was so bizarre to see since I didn't find a single one on my last visit. I always forget how cold the coast is in comparison to Portland. It was nice to end my visit with a cup of hot clam chowder.