Sandy Skoglund

The Cocktail Party by Sandy Skoglund The Cocktail Party has been hanging on my inspiration board. This installation of Cheetos, mannequins, and people was created in the early 90's by Sandy Skoglund. When I discovered Sandy's work in an art textbook back in high school it had a huge impact on me. Huge. It has encouraged me to think outside of the box when creating art. Her work makes me want to make my own rendition of installation art.

The Cocktail Party by Sandy Skoglund - close-up

Installation art is a media that I haven't touched a whole lot, but I know it will someday be involved in my art career. I love the idea of setting up 3-dimensional objects within a space with purpose and thought, for others to be able to walk through it as if they were part of it. Now that concept really excites me. I have been brainstorming about my future in installation art for quite some time. You can imagine the amount of ideas that are stored in the ol' noggin.

I picked a few of Skoglund's works that are my favorites. I find it humorous that they have a 80's & early 90's feel. I also included video of the making of The Cocktail Party... brilliant!


REVENGE OF THE GOLDFISH, 1981 Sandy Skoglund,


FERNS, 1980 Sandy Skoglund,


FOX GAMES, 1989 Sandy Skoglund,


RADIOACTIVE CATS, 1980 Sandy Skoglund,


RAINING POPCORN, 2001 Sandy Skoglund,


AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE, 2001 Sandy Skoglund,


WALKING ON EGGSHELLS, 1997 Sandy Skoglund,