Reading in the park

Crazy internet! I planned on posting early this morning but the internet gods decided to fail on me.

Saturday and Sunday's weather was glorious. I very much enjoyed my time outdoors. Especially when I was able to hang out all afternoon on a picnic blanket in the park, reading. I picked out a book from the library called Plastic Culture, How Japanese Toys Conquered the World. It's a very delightful read! I'll follow-up with you all with a summary when I finish reading it.

St. Johns Bridge

Over the weekend, on my way back from doing a lil' bit of dog sitting, I visited the tallest bridge in Portland, the St. Johns Bridge. I don't make it around these parts of Stumptown often, so I had to take a snap of it's Gothic towers for my photo collection. Maybe some day it will wind up drawn in my art.

Willow tree

Speaking of drawing, I worked on my 14th work of the Standard Movement series, titled 00014. To be honest I wasn't too thrilled of how it was panning out, even after two attempts. When it came to drawing up the Weeping Willow's catkins, I guess I was a little persnickity of their final look. So hopefully by the end of this week I'll have something complete to share.