Maria Taylor show recap

Maria Taylor at Doug Fir Lounge Talk about serendipity! If you read my post yesterday, I had written about Azure Ray being an inspiration to me. I had planned this topic for a week... so when I buckled down and started typing away about them, I find out that Maria Taylor was playing that evening! So how was the show last night, you ask? It was enchanting. It's been a few years since I have seen her and the band perform. Doug Fir Lounge is such a great venue, awesome acoustics. Talk about an upgrade from the Sokol Underground in Omaha! I love their lounge seating and their glowing cubed tables.

Table at Doug Fir Lounge

Hearing Maria's new songs live was so dreamy and blissful, I just had to pick up a copy of the new album. And check out the album art! I really think it represents Miss Taylor and the music. I love the color palette the designer chose, Seafoam green is one of my favorites. Someday when I'm able to paint my home, I'm totally going to paint a few walls this color. Martha Stewart's Signature paint color line has this color too, she calls it Vintage Map. How clever. Back to the album art, I also love the simple outline flower drawings that envelope the whole album. Oh and the notebook paper overlapped and behind the lyrics. I can't hide the fact that I'm a designer, huh?

Maria Taylor's new album!

I've been listening to her new album all morning. Silly me. My favorite songs on her new album are Time Lapse LifelineCartoons and Forever Plans. They both have music videos out, that are super fun and clever... so decided to share them with you!

If I had to pick one favorite song that Maria Taylor and her band played last night, it would be No Stars. I enjoyed this song even more live than recorded. I love how the song became more and more intense as it was played. Very well done.

"And what I knew, was left behind. There were no stars, or a wish, to find. And there was nothing in my clenching fist, And I just can't wait for tomorrow, Cause I will let go- Just ask me."