Easter Weekend follow-up

Whew... I'm finally getting around to writing up my Monday post. What a busy bee I have been today! Sadly this will be a short one.

Easter weekend Easter 2009 ~ Posing with one of my Nurture Thy Mind necklace drawings

I hope everyone had a swell Easter weekend. Mine was pretty low-key this year, since my family is hundreds of miles away. Plus the fact that I am kinda holiday-ed out. But I did get around to some egg dying with a friend - evidence below. Ha! I mean how could I pass up the original PAAS Easter egg dye kit. Sometimes you just have to let out your inner child, am I right?

Favorite dyed egg

I'm such a lucky one to have a mother that sends a surprise package of sweet treats... chocolate, Peeps, gummy bunnies, frosted sugar cookies, etc. Oh my!

Easter goodie surprise