A creative motivated mind

What motivates you?

I was asked this simple yet broad question this morning. With believing that motivation and inspiration work hand and hand, I decided to write about this topic today for my weekly inspiration post. Hopefully Yoshimi (my cat) isn't anymore of a distraction. She has been very rambunctious & kind of a nuisance: racing around the apartment, batting at paper, and finding new ways to chew on electrical cords.

This question made me think more about what motivates me to do art. Two distinct reasons have been rolling around in my head like marbles... community and experimentation. There were many many reasons why I moved to Portland from the Midwest. One being, I knew there was a strong creative/diy/artsy/designy community here. Being around these folks' creative energy and the fact that they enjoy the same thing that I have since I was 4 is, well... pretty friggin' awesome, I must say. I wasn't getting this artsy energy nearly as much back home and I felt my motivation to create art was dwindling. Oh sure, I went to art gallery openings and had art discussions & critiques with friends, but it just wasn't enough. So being involved with Portland's creative community is part of the pie. Sharing my final works with people and (hopefully) making their day brighter definitely motivates me to go full steam ahead.

Next, experimentation. Playing Sequence (the board game) with my friends on Christmas, three of us subconsciously made patterns with our unused game pieces. Eventually we noticed this, pointing each others out while we chuckled. I think it's so important for me to have different media to work with and to see the different directions to take it in. Playing around with those game pieces led me to think about drawing the patterns and ellipsis that I include in my artwork. Maybe that's why I love collaging so much. The experimenting is so very limitless. Sometime in the future I can see myself doing installation art and this encourages me to experiment more and more.

Well I'm going to stop there. I've got a proposal to write. I may be working on designing a consultant's business identity package. Weeeeeeee!

So I'm very curious... Artists, Crafters, and Designers out there... What motivates you? What reasons are rolling around in your head?

A creative motivated mind