New work

Morning, morning, morning! I took a few snaps of my latest Standard Movement pieces. Did you notice how I caught some of the morning's warm rays? He he. Yes, the photos below are a bit yellow but I'm not complaining, it will be nice to be reminded later of this sunny and cozy Friday morning! Here are the beauties I worked on this week for your viewing pleasure...

00009 "00009"

00010 "00010"

00011 "00011"

If you would like my Standard Movement Series to be displayed at your gallery or coffee shop this Spring... let's talk! Feel free to drop me a line.

I'm pretty excited about this weekend! I'm going to hit up the local art store and do some experimenting with some new media. My heart is just fluttering thinking about it. Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!

PS: Just a reminder if you haven't visited Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle's blog, do so! For your last chance to enter the drawing to win some art of mine, go here. "Goodbye! Chances are not forever."Apostle of Hustle