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So I have decided on Wednesdays I'm going to share my inspirations. For the most part this will be a weekly occurrence. Last week was Sigur Rós and now this week I will take note about Coraline... Over the past weekend I went on a movie date with my love to see the eerie Coraline flick. Going to movies is a rare occurrence for us, since it's so pricey. But we felt that Coraline could be a good reason to drop the 20 bill.  The internet waves first grabbed my attention about this movie. I came across articles that explained that Coraline was a stop-motion feature shot by LAIKA, which is located here in Portland and that it's a FOCUS Feature... always a good sign. Also, I was excited that Henry Selick directed the movie, same director as James and the Giant Peach and The Nightmare Before Christmas. An intriguing article about the creators (which I highly recommend reading at Willamette Week) is what reeled my theater viewing decision home. After watching the screening we even felt more confident about our viewing purchase. Yes, after watching Coraline I have to say it's the best animated flick that I have seen in a long time.

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The Coraline website is full of spectral finds. You can download marvelous posters and desktop wallpapers that are actual wallpaper. And you can button your eyes in the Other Mother's workshop, as shown below. (I was a little spooked out about buttoning my own eyes.)

Button your eyes

Over the past year I become a button lover, I even catch myself daydreaming about finding tops accented with prim buttons. So when I saw this poster below, I fell in love.

button catalog poster

Listed below are some of my other finds on

keyhole poster

create a flower